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Default Re: If NBA Trending To Become More Popular Than NFL?

Originally Posted by Proctor
Hopefully so, football is an overrated and mundane excuse for a sport


In my 20s I used to watch football religiously but eventually just became bored AF with it and now never watch it. It takes 3 hours to play a game and there are commercial breaks like every 2 minutes............. There is just no flow to the game and there is a flag on every other play, endless reviews. I also hate the pseudo militaristic tough guy nonsense in the sport, all the chest beating machismo. Shit gets old once you have seen it a thousand times.

NBA just suits my lifestyle better, games are done and dusted in 2 hours, I can watch a game every day if I choose to and its a great way to unwind in the winter evenings after a hard day at work. I put little $5 bets on games here and there just for fun to give me a rooting interest where otherwise I might not have one.

I totally get why people like football or prefer the NFL to the NBA but for me I'm just bored by it.
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