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Default Re: I think we're going to trade Luck this off-season.

Originally Posted by knickballer
You only trade Luck if you feel that he hasn't recovered from his injuries and that you don't think he'll be durable again. Other than that you don't trade a QB of Luck's caliber. He's the type of player that franchises trade all their assets for. He's shown he can carry horrible Colt teams into the playoffs.

If anything the Colts should just trade down their top pick for a shit ton of assets, just look at how much the 49ers got for trading down one spot in last years draft. They'll probably draft a bunch of busts knowing the Colts tho.

They should also do what ever it takes to get Harbaugh back in the NFL to coach up his boy.

Which is why he would be traded. Trading him jump starts our rebuild by years. Ballard (Our GM) actually knows how to build a team and in his mind armed with all those extra picks from trading Luck can build the type of team needed around Darnold to entrench us firmly as a AFC contender for years.

Ballard has shown no regard for keeping high picks from Grigsons era. He traded Dorsett, he traded Allen. He will trade Luck if he gets his price.
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