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Default Re: I think we're going to trade Luck this off-season.

Originally Posted by knickballer
But how much in return can the Colts get from trading luck as opposed to the first or second overall pick? I think there's a point where a team decides its enough and won't trade any more assets. For example(hypothetical), Lets say you get 4 first round picks and 2nd rounders for Luck (or w/e crazy amount) but instead you can get 3 first round picks for that top overall pick. You'll get diminishing returns for trading luck, are those two extra second round picks worth is as opposed to trading the first overall pick? Furthermore, you're banking on this Darnold kid or w/e QB you draft to be a star. We know they aren't going to be on Luck's level and finding a QB of Luck's caliber is near impossible.

But it does get tricky for Indy as they'll be in win now mode soon. You cant be stock piling on future drafts as Luck starts to age. So theoretically you probably should trade him.I think the best scenario for Indy would be trying to get a large ransom for that first overall pick and using those assets to improve. Like if they can get a RG3 type of deal. Trade one of those first round picks for a stand out player on a good contract, etc.

Are you saying we could trade luck, get the ransom (including the first overall pick) and then trade the first overall pick for even more picks?

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