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Default Re: I think we're going to trade Luck this off-season.

I think the Colts rebuild is gonna take more than 1 season. If you guys put Darnold into this offense with zero running game, a very questionable offensive line, and some of the worst coaching in the NFL... that seems like a potential recipe for disaster.

The Colts have below average talent at almost every position on the field, so I think instead of putting tons of eggs into one basket like Darnold, it makes more sense to spread the eggs out and get as many draft picks as possible. If I was the Colts GM I would trade away Luck (if the price is right) and also trade down with my 2017 first round pick, and then I would use all those extra picks for rebuilding the defense, beefing up the offensive line, getting a young stud RB, and maybe trying my luck on a 3rd-5th round QB with the hope that I get a Derrick Carr, Russell Wilson or Dak Prescott. Aside from Luck, the Colts dont really have any big contracts on their books, so trading Luck and filling the team with dudes on rookie contracts would also give them a ton of money to play with in free agency.

The AFC is competitive as hell right now with Denver, KC, Oakland, and maaaybe Pittsburgh looking like they could be superbowl teams... and yet all of those fantastic teams are underdogs because the GOAT QB and GOAT coach already own the AFC. The AFC south is also the strongest it has been in years - Tennessee is loaded on offense and just torched two of the best defenses in the league the past two weeks, Jacksonville seems like it might finally be a legit team, and the Texans have quite a bit of talent. Considering the level of competition in the AFC right now, this seems like a great time for a team like the colts to go full rebuild mode.

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