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Default Re: Instead of drawing attention to the disaster in Puerto Rico

Originally Posted by r15mohd
these POTUS visits, no matter who is in office, are never warranted until some time after ... and particular for a situation like PR where the country has little to no resources, and many that they have now will now be allocated to welcoming Trump and moving him around the country is completely dumb to me.

send the money, send needs, send those who can actually provide improvement/assistance rather than taking away for a photo op. if he needs to speak with any official from PR, get a satellite phone to them as they have no cell service - no need to make situations worse. you can visit in a few more weeks when things are more situated.

It's not his fault, it's what the crooked media demands nowadays. Look at how they crucified Bush over Katrina. A Republican President will never have a fair shake with the mainstream media, so if Trump delays his visit or doesn't make one at all, it would be mayhem on the news media against him.
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