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Default Re: Instead of drawing attention to the disaster in Puerto Rico

Originally Posted by Patrick Chewing
It's not his fault, it's what the crooked media demands nowadays. Look at how they crucified Bush over Katrina. A Republican President will never have a fair shake with the mainstream media, so if Trump delays his visit or doesn't make one at all, it would be mayhem on the news media against him.

lmao at the "visit" being the reason for Bush being crucified

it was him and his admins mismanagement of the whole situation in the recovery efforts. GWB took days before summoning relief money and troops, Cheney moved power crews to Mississippi in to deal with a pipeline being built the very days they were needed in NOLA. Aid didnt include certain parishes even though request from the Gov asked them to do so. the GWB admin fcked that whole thing up from beginning to was NOT because of some dumb photo op visit

stop making this a right/left issue and media spun reason...the admin fcked up, it's that clear to see what happened with katrina. this PR situation is coming to be much like it, as Trump is more concerned on the NFL and kneeling players rather than full focus on PR, North Korea's threats and another failed healthcare r&r. he's pushing the limit in it being another GWB disaster rather than being attentive to it from the get

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