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Default Re: Trump vs athletes on Twitter

Originally Posted by Dresta
How about you don't push aggressive identity-based politics from your position of power and privilege and then whine like a baby when the inevitable backlash comes?
Ali has never whined like a baby. Bill Russell has never whined like a baby. Jim Brown never whined like a baby ever.

That would be a start. If you could identify as an "American" rather than an "oppressed minority suffering inequity" then the racial problems of America would rapidly dissipate,
where do you get your dumb information from?

Sorry guy, this has never alleviated the situation for black Americans.The South has always had far more racial animosity than the North for believing this grandiose stupidity. Do you even have 1 historical example?
but instead, you push yourself as a distinct other, and then cry foul when other people take your self-identifications at face value.
This is your view on racial politics? Blacks were bombed, lynched and now subjected to institutionalized racism because of themselves. You really thought this thru?
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