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Default Re: If NBA Trending To Become More Popular Than NFL?

Originally Posted by west_tip

In my 20s I used to watch football religiously but eventually just became bored AF with it and now never watch it. It takes 3 hours to play a game and there are commercial breaks like every 2 minutes............. There is just no flow to the game and there is a flag on every other play, endless reviews. I also hate the pseudo militaristic tough guy nonsense in the sport, all the chest beating machismo. Shit gets old once you have seen it a thousand times.

NBA just suits my lifestyle better, games are done and dusted in 2 hours, I can watch a game every day if I choose to and its a great way to unwind in the winter evenings after a hard day at work. I put little $5 bets on games here and there just for fun to give me a rooting interest where otherwise I might not have one.

I totally get why people like football or prefer the NFL to the NBA but for me I'm just bored by it.

Meh basketball is even more boring because the season doesn't start until the playoffs.
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