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Default Re: I think we're going to trade Luck this off-season.

Originally Posted by Nanners
Why would the rebuilding niners trade 1st overall, a 2nd rounder, and a future first in exchange for Luck @ $25mil/yr when they could just take Darnold on a 4 year rookie deal with that #1 and keep the rest of their picks? The 9ers need those picks, like the Colts they have holes all over the roster.

I think the teams that would be most likely to give up a bushel of picks for Luck are talented teams that would potentially be put over the top by a good QB and dont have too many holes to fill - Denver, Jags, Giants... something like that.

Because the 49ers have a plethora of picks. I believe they have two picks in each of the second third and fourth rounds. They actually have a young defense. The whole dline is littered with high first rounders. Reuben foster is a Luke Kuechly type ILB prospect they have. Young safety duo.

Obviously they need work but they're a lot farther along than the Colts are.

You make the trade because luck is a known commidity. 10 years of luck is worth a lot. I'd say the 49ers compete for the divison within two years if they made the trade.
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