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Default Re: If NBA Trending To Become More Popular Than NFL?

Originally Posted by KyrieTheFuture
Never understood why people complain about athlete salaries. Entertainers have always made crazy amounts of money, and entertainment is valuable so idk why the entertainers shouldn't make money. Teachers are severely underpaid yes, but the government doesn't pay athletes so I don't see what those two things have to do with each other.

I'm not sure entertainers have ever been held in as high esteem as they are today. Wasn't acting/theatre considered a disreputable occupation in the 19th century?

Recently read a book on Lincoln's assassination and IIRC the author posited that Wilkes Booth was not able to marry his lover because her Dad (who was a high ranking govt. official, ambassador or somesuch) would not have approved of her marrying an actor. Such a marriage would have effectively brought disgrace to the family.
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