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Default Re: Week 3 Game Thread

Originally Posted by ~primetime~
Dez has 114 yards and 2 TDs...maybe it could be said that should be ONE game for him, so Jenkins/Talib/Peterson slowed him down 2/3rds

Those are all damn good CBs...those are in a group of like 6 CBs in the NFL that are told to 'shadow' the other team's #1. It's not normal, most teams do not do that. I don't even think Seattle is doing that with Sherman any more. Dez has gotten super unlucky getting 3 in a row to start the year.

no doubt dez had some brutal matchups to start the year, all I am saying is that I dont think he looks as fast or explosive as he used to look. back in 2014 his athleticism jumped off the screen at you regardless of who was defending him. last night what jumped off the screen at me was how much Dez was struggling to get off the line every time peterson jammed him.

btw the broncos typically dont shadow with their corners, and im not sure talib is even the best corner on that team anyway.

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