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Default Re: I think we're going to trade Luck this off-season.

Originally Posted by Nanners
if you are strictly talking about his reckless style of play and not how sturdy his body is, then yeah you have a point.

in your original poast you said he is one of the "truly injury prone players". when i think "injury prone" i think of people made out of glass like sam bradford so i assumed thats what you meant.

i think part of the reason he plays so reckless is because he always had to carry his team. it would be interesting to see if he would still play like that on a team like Denver or Jacksonville where he wouldnt be forced to throw the ball 45 times every week.

Yea. That's what I mean. He thinks he's a full back.

But you brought up another pet peeve of mine.

Football is a brutal FUCCIN sport.

Gronk has more injuries than anyone over the Last 5-6 years. So that means his body is "made of glass" like Bradford!???

It's dumb

Gronk is one of the strongest biggest dude in the league.

Jj watt - even more of a beast. He had season ending surgery. He's having problems.

Watt is made of glass?? Injury prone??

A qb who plays reckless like luck and rg3 get seriously hurt. Truly injury PRONE

a qb who plays smOart like R dub has less likely of a chance. ETc.
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