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Default What in the hell is going on in Louisville

Need a Louisville fan to chime in. This is really bad. Feel horrible for Brian Bowen and the horrible position Petino put him in.

Bowen was literally the last person from his ESPN 100 class to commit. All eyes were on him to see where he would go... especially with all the hype and popularity he gained over the spring and summer by playing in all the HS basketball events. Then out of nowhere WITH ALL EYES ON HIM (because he was the last to commit) he chooses Louisville Louisville wasnt even on his cut down list. Dude took one random unofficial visit and commits to Louisville after a few days I dont blame him at all, I blame Petino for making it so damn obvious...., after the FBI got involved it was over.

Tons of Louisville fans blaming Bowen but Petino is the real dumbass here. Dude even said after Bowens commit that it cost him "zero dollars" to get him
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