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Default Re: I've come to accept Brady is the GOAT. Not just GOAT QB, but GOAT player.

Originally Posted by ballinhun8
He could've gone also 1-6. I mean Kasay giving kicking the ball out of bounds after Carolina ties it up with less than 2 mins to play. The Rams having all the momentum but Belichick having the balls not to play for OT. Only the Eagles SB (one of the most boring btw) was pretty much never up in the air.

Also having LT, Bell both miss conference championship games. Lee Evans dropping a GW TD followed by Cundiff missing a game tying bunny.

He's had as much luck go his way as against him.

Rams got outplayed in that super bowl, I bet you people don't even remember how the Pats defense had a 95+ yard fumble recovery for a TD called back on a bogus penalty in that game that would have made it 24-3 Pats in the 4th. And I don't see how Brady driving his team down the field for a game winning FG is considered luck.

For the Panthers game it was 29-29 in the finals minutes, even if the Panthers kicker didn't kick the ball out of bounds you can't flat out say the Pats would have lost.

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