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Default Re: Week 4 Gamethread

Originally Posted by UK2K
You getting nervous PT?

Like clockwork, Forte goes down.

Only need a few catches and a TD to sneak into the top 24.
a few catches and a TD if no other RB in the NFL does anything lol

I basically view myself as a 99/1 favorite in our bet...Elijah McGuire is the best RB on that team, this will be seen. Honestly though, even if McGuire gets injured too and Powell is the ONLY RB on the Jet's roster...I still think I'd win it.

Last year #24 was Coleman with 125 points...Powell basically needs to average over 10 ppg to get there, it ain't happenin.

His ceiling is so low...he isn't capable of huge home runs or anything like that. At best he could sneak in a game with two goal line TDs and 5 catches or something, and score a 20 point game, but that would be a very rare one time event for him this year if it were to happen.
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