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Default Re: Week 4 Gamethread

Originally Posted by ~primetime~
Do you think it is time to move on from Eli?...assuming they don't make the playoffs this year that is
He's getting old. If they are not going to put a line around him, I definitely want them to start grooming someone. Good stable QBs are not easy to find. We'll see if Davis Webb is that guy cuz it sure ain't Geno Smith The only player Mcadoodoo takes shots at is Eli, and I think that's by the design. He's the only one he knows won't be offended by it. Eli is great with the NY media, he has the Jeter type ability to never do or say anything interesting I believe he made waves when he said he WAS elite, but he more than backed it up that year (2011).

I wouldn't blame last year's playoffs on him, his WRs put up stinkers. Odell with a huge drop early, same with Sheppard. But he did have a poor year last year. I think that was mostly OLine related too.

I would never force Eli out, but I think he'll have till next year before Mcadoodoo tries his power move and gets Webb in there.
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