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Default Re: 2017-18 ISH World Soccer Discussion

Originally Posted by Jasi
He won the CL not long ago.
It's September bloody hell, this is a BS move from Bayern's management and it only shows they gave up their leadership to the declining stars who are certainly not the future of the club.
He completely lost the locker room. There is no coming back from that nonsense. This was obvious before it was explicitly stated by Hoeness. I usually hate early decisions like this, but this needed to happen immediately. Besides defense and attack losing the plot entirely, he had lost half the management having his back and most of the senior players.

Saying that, Bayern FO is at fault for being cheap twats. There is no excuse not to buy Sanchez last summer. The only two oldies that need to be replaced are Robbery. Ribery that whiny douche shouldn't be starting in major games even this season, though I hope he either retires or understands that his role is a fringe player max. Doubt it with his ego though.

Originally Posted by alenleomessi
Mendy f*cked his ligaments and is out for 6-9 months

Aguero had a car crash and broke his ribs and is out for 2 months.. He was partying in Amsterdam 40 hours before a game against Chelsea

City needs Jesus now
Tuchel was the favorite.. but I don't think it's happening bruh. Bayern FO contacted Pep, Hummels, and Watzke (that used to deal with him at Dortmund), and rumours are it wasn't positive since he hasn't been sealed yet. I think they might ride it out with Sagnol this season

and hire Nagelsmann next summer. The dude is 30 years old.

Also Goretzka looks like he's heading to Munich. That's what Bayern needs, more CM. Just stay away from wingers.
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