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Default Re: Liberals. Gather around and tell me about the current genocide going on in the US

Originally Posted by nathanjizzle
dudes a troll, went into a conference with a maga hat to intentionally troll and he got his hat taken from him by a woman. what a bitch. let a woman snatch his hat from him. LOL.

Doesn't matter what you think he is. The law is the law. Why don't you idiots vote to get rid of the laws you don't like first so you aren't breaking any? You know like theft, taking away the freedom of speech, illegally crossing the border, etc. He could have ignored the law like this dumb bitch and punched her in the face but then he'd be as bad as her.

That's the advantage the left has over the right. They have no principles, they are unapologetically hypocritical, so you can't pin them down, and it's impossible to have a fair debate with them. At the same time they use the principles and values of the right against them
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