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Default Re: She took my babies; they were the only reason I had to live...

Originally Posted by Orlando Magic
Low T can be helped by watching your diet and more than anything... lifting stuff. Find heavy stuff to lift and become a beast. Your T will go up. Horrid face is irrelevant... don't pity yourself. Criminal record sucks but it ain't going away... so you gotta do what you can do.

Your life isn't over.

You have problems but you have to decide that you want to overcome them. If you keep telling yourself that your life is over, then it is... but that's your choice. That's not God or fate or nature or whatever you want to call it... that is YOUR CHOICE.

You have a harder path but it doesn't mean there isn't a path... you're giving up at the 50 yard line on 2nd down son.

Hopefully I can get the testosterone gel this week and it works.
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