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Default Re: She took my babies; they were the only reason I had to live...

Losing access to your kids is a bit like being raped in prison.....a tragedy? Sure. But at some point you have to allow it. You acquiesce to defeat and accept it. Your kids aren't gone till you're in the grave. Plus you have to think long term. When they get high school aged they have a bit of freedom. Stay involved and they could decide to keep you in their lives. Your kids are your kids forever. Long after they are grown. Don't bitch out and let them forget what having a father is.

My dad bitched out when I was about 9. By the time I was 16 he wanted back in and I was done with him by then. Had he stayed in contact even we might have a relationship today.

Fatherhood isn't a sprint. It's a marathon. Let your kids remember why they love you and they will return of their own accord in time. A woman can't take your kids. Only relocate them. The kids take themselves from you if the relationship isn't maintained. If you gotta take a bus once a month do it. If you have to put your home on air bnb as short term housing to do it....**** it. If you have to sell dime bags, pick up cans, or do Craigslist day it.

Be a man or don't. If you aren't willing to go that hard your kids can't be that great a priority.
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