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Default Re: She took my babies; they were the only reason I had to live...

Originally Posted by stalkerforlife
And what happens if I move there in the middle of nowhere, not knowing anyone, and she still refuses to let me see them?

Her family hates me.

They would likely kill me in a 'hunting accident.'

So? Is that really any worse than drowning away in misery complaining to a message board full of strangers while you are dying just to see your kids? Fear is a powerful thing, but those are your kids man. I know inside your brain you are wired to fight and to die for them.

I believe strongly that every kid should have a father influence in their life and I think it will make a huge difference in quality of life and self worth if they see you doing what you can to see them even if it is only once a month that will mean so much to your kids, and to you as well.

Good luck.
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