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Default Re: Active shooter(s) at Mandalay Bay hotel in Vegas

Originally Posted by plowking
Well this certainly isn't comforting given I'll be heading over to Vegas and two other American cities soon...

Just get rid of guns. Simple. Where are all the people with guns protecting themselves? They aren't. There are no heroes with guns practicing this self defence. Get rid of them, make them harder to get, and it will positively impact society.

Absolute tragedy that 20 people lost their lives and countless more were injured.

Not that simple and very naive position. Automatic guns are already illegal in the US anyway.

There are multiple cases of people with guns protecting themselves. How can you assure the public that all criminals will get rid of their guns? How can you assure the public that they won't be threatened by those that don't get rid of their guns? How are citizens supposed to be able to protect themselves?

Some Aussie farmer dude just got his guns taken away because he used them to protect his family from a house invader. There's an example in your own country.
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