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Default Re: Lakers and Knicks Blockbuster Trade Scenario

Originally Posted by TheGreatDeraj
And you call me delusional? Porzingus with double, possible more, value than Ingram?

Get outta here.

Porzingus is a very skilled big like a Dirk with better Handles and defense. He has a lot of value and is comparable to Ingram.

I just think Ingram is a better prospect and I'd rather have him than Porzingus, but I can definitely see why Knicks fans are excited about Porzingus because he is going to be a great player.

However, I like Ingram better.

Ingram just turned 20, two years younger than Porzingus, and has all the potential in the world.

I see him as a Durant/Leonard/Kobe combination. He is a very smart basketball player. He can play great defense and knows how to use his ridiculously long arms to bother shots and get steals and deflections.

On offense he is really versatile can post, spot up, or shoot of the dribble. I also love ability to attack out of the triple threat and with his size that is going to be deadly. He is also a good passer and decision maker with Luke Walton actually having him run the offense as a rookie SF. Ingram also has nice handles including a nasty hesitation that he uses to either blow by his defender of pull up for the shot. He definitely needs to gain some weight, but he is only 20 and already has a lot of skill and just oozes potential.


Ingram is a nice prospect, but in the present, he doesnt offer that much.

Porzingis is an all-star level player currently, and has a mix of skills that are super valuable today.

KP has considerably more value than Ingram, and its really not a debate. Only a blind lakers fan can argue that
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