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Default Re: I think we're going to trade Luck this off-season.

Originally Posted by Carbine
Are you saying we could trade luck, get the ransom (including the first overall pick) and then trade the first overall pick for even more picks?

I was trying to say to either trade the Colts original 2018 first round pick (which may be #1 overall) for a ransom (like what St.Louis got for RG3) or trade Luck for an entire franchise pretty much. Not both. If Colts land the first overall pick and decide to stay Lucky they will get much better value in trading their original pick and improving the talent around Luck (example they can trade some of the assets they received for a proven player). There's no point of holding on to that 1st overall pick if you keep luck as you're not gonna draft a QB.

But trading both Luck and their original first round pick would be interesting and would be unheard of in the NFL. They'd be the 76ers of the NFL and would have like 3 first rounds picks each year for the next 3 years
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