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Default Re: I think we're going to trade Luck this off-season.

Originally Posted by Carbine
I would take Darnold, but it it worth at least speculating about.

Say the Colts have the 5th overall pick and the 49ers have the 1st overall.

They trade Luck to the 49ers for that 1st overall, a 2nd rounder and a future first.

Now they have the 1st overall, 5th overall, two 2nd rounders, a future 1st in their pocket.

You could then turn around and trade that #1 pick for another ransom similar to the RG3 trade and add even more picks to what you already have.

I wouldn't pass on Darnold though.

I don't know. Realizing I'm speculating and talking out of my ass, I can't see anyone giving up another first in addition to #1 overall. That #1 is going to be a large chunk of the return. Maybe it could be a conditional pick based on games started like the way the Alex Smith trade was framed?
*Not comparing Smith to Luck talent for talent, but I can see a team trying to protect themselves against injury with a conditional pick.

I don't agree with it. It makes no sense to me drawing the line at a second first round pick. #1 overall is just impossible for me to predict how it would be weighted in a trade like this. I'm thinking that would net a similar haul as any other team not picking 1 would offer for Luck.
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