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Default Re: Are you team safety or team personal freedoms?

To put it simply....

There is a baseline number of innocent people who are going to get shot in the face no matter what laws you pass. On that we all agree.

I think where we disagree is exactly where the point of diminishing returns is as far as trading the freedom of rational nonviolent gun owners to curb the destruction of the few face shooters.

Some believe every child saved is worth whatever it takes to save them and others have an easier time coming to grips with the fact that the world sucks and you can't save everybody by ****ing over people who aren't out here killing kids.

I feel there's a good discussion to be had on the matter but you will never hear the two sides meaningfully engage in public. Everyone falls back to their corners to vilify the opposition so nothing gets done.

I doubt we could reach an agreement with five people on either side of the debate even here so how can we expect Congress to do it when they have people to answer to?
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