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Default Re: Are you team safety or team personal freedoms?

I am well aware of the numbers. You seem to fall on the kids are going to get shot in the face no matter what you do so let's not curb freedoms in an effort to hit the unreachable zero side of the argument. And from the real world practical standpoint it's not entirely unreasonable. But do you think 12,000 is somewhere near the limit that can be reached before encroaching on too many freedoms?

People have been giving me numbers suggesting it isn't that many people for more than 15 years on here and by now it's well over 100,000 people dead. It absolutely is millions of people over time and I'm asking how much personal annoyance is worth saving millions of lives.

It's easier to justify looking the other way when we keep the numbers confined to small periods of time I know....but it really is millions of people. Which isn't even accounting for the people who get shot and survive which gets us many millions more. One of them my childhood best friend who was shot in the side of the head in his car in Columbia years ago. He forgot how to walk and had his life torn apart. He's not on the gun deaths list but it's hard for me personally not to count him. he has mostly recovered but it was a long road.

Over the course of our lives we are talking more casualties than you would get out of destroying a midsized American city with a nuke. It is not to me an insignificant number of people we are talking about saving.

I'm not entirely deaf to the oppositions view that at some point you have to draw a line. I'm not trying to make out the opponents of the tougher laws to be monsters or anything. Which is why I pointed out on the seatbelt situation. I will not be in favor of mandatory NASCAR style seat belts and helmets even though it would save millions of lives.

But to me that is more a decision on your personal safety. These maniacs are getting guns and screwing up thousands of people's lives at once. If I fly through my windshield I'm ****ed. These people will go shoot up the Special Olympics and impact the lives of 10,000 people in five minutes.
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