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Default Re: Are you team safety or team personal freedoms?

I have been unaffiliated leaning towards libertarian for a long time.

That being said, I am starting to come to the belief that the truth lies somewhere in the middle and that regulations over certain things are actually good.

You can't force people to be good people and bad people are going to be bad no matter what... so why enact needless regulation when you're just essentially limiting the "good" people... that's the libertarian stance in me. However, as you so pointed out... with the seat belt scenario... the number of dead kids would definitely go down because obviously parents would be way more strict about making sure their kids have seat belts on out of self interest if nothing else. I don't know that your penalty is necessarily in alignment with what I would deem reasonable, but I don't think that was your point anyways... rather that the law and noteworthy punishment of some sort exist... but yes, in my opinion, this is a "good" regulation.

And therein lies another huge problem... people have differing world views as to what "good" or "bad" are... because outside of a few unspoken and known to the depths of your bones "goods" and "bads", they are based on your perspective. Good and bad may not actually exist in any capacity other than imaginary and as a social construct to further society, but that's another thread also.

Speaking in generalities, Democrats tend to lean towards regulating everything and Republicans tend to lean towards regulating nothing. Both world views are highly flawed. The truth is in the middle and the only thing that will provide the best results is trial & error combined with extensive documentation run through some sort of analysis program that can mathematically prove the "best" result for a combination of society and the individual, not either or. The problem with that is there are so many unquantifiable and unknown factors with any given issue that it's pretty much a pipe dream.

To keep this very brief and if you read nothing else I posted, I guess what I'm saying is this... it's a case by case basis, not a blanket alignment with one world view or the other, but if I absolutely had to pick a team it's team personal freedoms... because the other path requires a revolutionary change if you go down it too far and in too many instances puts unnecessary restrictions on people that don't need them.

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