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Default Re: Are you team safety or team personal freedoms?

One would think most legitimate uses of a gun you would want it to be loud so someone would know to call the police. That said last Christmas I bought an AR 15 for a girl I was seeing and she is afraid to shoot it without a silencer. Well not a silencer a suppressor I believe. It isnt quiet it just isn't nearly as loud. If she had one of those movie style silencers I'm sure she would never take it off. There is a legitimate use for most everything gun related so long as you consider fun to be an excuse. And so many people have their guns and they are no threat to anyone and they are scared shitless that people like me want to come for them.....

I don't. I might buy another gun soon. I just don't think me being inconvenienced on the way to getting it or forcing me to be responsible with it or pay dearly is too unreasonable. If a gun I'm responsible for ends up in the hands of a six-year-old who shoots his friend not only should I be charged but when I get through the court system I should never be able to own a gun again.

You see stories of distraught parents and I can't even imagine being in that situation. Like the guy who's kid got a hold of it and killed himself? And then the guy shoots himself out of grief. People treat these things like toys.....

Do you know how much more careful some of these gun nuts would be if a single accident with their gun took their hunting license for life? If I can prove you handed a pistol to a three-year-old I don't see why you should ever be given another one. So many tragedies can be avoided by common sense but people won't show common sense without being forced.
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