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Default Re: Are you team safety or team personal freedoms?

Originally Posted by Orlando Magic
The overwhelming majority of fast food is unquestionably physically bad for you. There is no argument to be made otherwise... the data is there. The nutritional facts are there.

Should fast food be banned for everyone? Should people be restricted to a certain amount of visits each month or just completely banned?

What about feeding fast food to your kids who everyone would agree are too young to understand anything other than what you tell them? Are you setting them up for failure by feeding them poison and thus teaching them it's ok to consume at any time?

Should soda be eliminated and outlawed? Talk about a waste. Soda is quite literally one of the worst things around as it provides NOTHING of value to you other than emotional comfort and childish gratification. There is no argument for it to be made kept around from a health standpoint.

If all fast food restaurants and junk food were banned tomorrow how much would that impact our lives from a social standpoint, never mind the obvious health benefits for each individual? How much would it slow society down, which may not be a bad thing by the way though I'd say most would disagree especially in the USA...

Where do you draw the line? It's a never ending discussion and really it's a case by case basis.

Where we lose the equivalence is I'm not talking about banning guns and very few people if any are. And much like seatbelts what you eat is a personal decision that hurts you not others. It has public consequences when you get deeper into the healthcare side but guns are offensive. We're talking about The freedom to hurt other people not the freedom to hurt yourself.

The fast food argument is more analogous to drugs not the gun-control issue.
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