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Default Re: Are you team safety or team personal freedoms?

Originally Posted by UK2K
What law are you going to pass that will stop that?

If I wanted to sell one of my guns to my neighbors, tell me a law you want to pass that will prevent me from doing so.

this one is simple...if you own a gun, purchased through a licensed dealer and passed a background check (paper-trail of the gun and owner), and somehow another person uses it to commit a crime or found with it on them during any law enforcement stop, you are held responsible for not having this person vetted for ownership, as well. (seeing you did sell it through private sale, and it not being stolen, etc)

the reason criminals have guns are because of this lack of trail being accounted for on it's gun in purchased directly on the black market from it's new state to the criminals use. it is initially purchased legally then down the line it ends up in the wrong hands. hold the legal owner accountable and it wont end up in a criminal's hand. caveat to this is, the criminal somehow legally passes the checks and balances to own outright from the onset that case, i'm not sure how to go about it

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