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Default Re: Are you team safety or team personal freedoms?

Originally Posted by Kblaze8855
Where we lose the equivalence is I'm not talking about banning guns and very few people if any are. And much like seatbelts what you eat is a personal decision that hurts you not others. It has public consequences when you get deeper into the healthcare side but guns are offensive. We're talking about The freedom to hurt other people not the freedom to hurt yourself.

The fast food argument is more analogous to drugs not the gun-control issue.

Well if you suffer an early death from poor lifestyle it can easily have a trickle down to your children's world views which then effects society... sorta along the lines with the healthcare aspect you mentioned but to get more direct...

What about feeding your kids fast food on the daily? Is that not a direct assault on their existence? You are engraining in their very being that eating fast food all the time is ok. And that's different because it wasn't an immediate death? Just because the knife goes slow doesn't mean the knife isn't there.

I assure you that soda and fast food and poor lifestyles kill more people on a weekly if not daily basis than guns do on a yearly basis.

My point being is where do you draw the line? For you it seems to be immediate death of another human being... ok... so what about knives? I'm not saying you're wrong, I'm saying where do we draw the line?

Literally everything is a case by case basis and I don't think you can apply a blanket statement to cover certain criteria...
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