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Default Re: Are you team safety or team personal freedoms?

Originally Posted by r15mohd
well that's where the good old investigative mesaures come into play ... if the criminal can attest to your indication of it being stolen, then you're in the clear. if evidence is proven you sold the gun, illegally in this scenario, you're in as much sh!t as the criminal for being negligent in aiding in a crime.

find your loop holes all you want, but it's a added measure...if you say you're a responsible gun owner, you shouldnt worry about this. and there's never going to be a full-proof law, just as with seatbelts, you cant make everyone wear them, however doing nothing and allowing the oversight to continue is blatant ignorance. enact it, and hold more accountable - it will work, just as it did for every other safety measure

So a responsible gun owner wouldn't sell their guns, because there's no telling what someone else may do with it?

Not trying to be a smartass, I'm just not following your line of thought here.

So you're going to make it illegal for me to sell the guns I already have? Or are you going to make me responsible for the person I sold the gun to, which in effect makes selling a gun nearly illegal? What about if he sells the gun, am I responsible for that person too?
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