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Default Re: Are you team safety or team personal freedoms?

Originally Posted by Patrick Chewing
And how does that stop the person you sold your weapon to from then shooting a crowd of people?? You see what I mean? It's not a problem of gun ownership. It's a problem of mental state.

As I've said, I own 12 firearms. What is preventing me from loading up and firing into a crowd of people??

and why mental checks should be included with background have to fully check out in being able to own and operate a gun. if a red flag comes up during any indication of this, you dont get it.

like mentioned above, there will be those who pass with flying colors and commit unjust acts...however doing nothing is blatant ignorance in solving what possibly could have been prevented.

if you don't see an issue in owning a car and having the privilege of a driving license granted to you, then there's no reason something along this process for gun ownership/use should be prevented in implementing
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