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Default Re: Are you team safety or team personal freedoms?

Originally Posted by Patrick Chewing
What kind of mental checks? And any type of exam like that will be inconclusive and will have many lawyers involved. It will not work.

Let's face it, the only solution is the full on removal of weapons all together. And that will never happen. Low ammo capacity? That's been done already.

there have been mental checks done enacted, however they've been lenient...and even with its leniency, they've been proven effective as the denial rates have increased due to it as many more have not checked out.

and if you feel you need to prove yourself fit to own a gun through lawyer, so be it...and if you win that case, you can then sue. win-win!

all i'm hearing is excuses to not do more from your end what initiatives do you have? i own, you own, is there issues you have in showing your responsibility to continue to do so - i don't, nothing to hide on my end. what are you afraid of, that you wont check out?

well guess what, if that's your scare - then maybe you're not fit to own
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