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Default Re: Are you team safety or team personal freedoms?

Originally Posted by UK2K
So then what?

We are jailing people over selling a gun to their neighbor? I thought we had enough criminals in the system already that didn't need to be there. Now we want to jail people for selling a gun?

Gulag for the speeders now, in the name of public safety?

Who said anybody goes to jail? I feel like I'm arguing with talking points used against arguments I'm not making. My intention isn't to lock somebody up for selling an extra hunting rifle without a background check. My intention is to dis incentivize the selling of so many guns by reducing the supply long-term. Let's say that due to tax a cheap 9 costs $700 instead of 259. think so many of these young unemployed drug dealers selling crack for less than minimum-wage would have one? When an A.R. 15 is $6000 instead of 600 don't you think its more likely to stay out of the hands of the kind of people who don't take gun culture seriously?

If all you do is price out a lot of young morons who think guns and gun ownership shouldn't be taken serious you save thousands of lives.

And at the same time a gun is more of an investment so people are less likely to sell them without care. You'll be dealing with more reputable people more likely to do the right thing.
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