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Default Re: Are you team safety or team personal freedoms?

Originally Posted by UK2K
Who is paying for these? Are you going to make the gun owners pay, what is essentially an additional cost, to sell their gun? Who is going to run the checks? A guy who knows a guy, or does it need to be submitted to the federal government?

If you thought scratching serial numbers off guns was popular before...

I actually don't hate the idea.

as with selling a car, the new owner would be responsible for the fees to complete the trasnfer and you would simply turn in your end in selling to the individual, so they will be on the clock to register with 30-days after the checks and sale is completed (stricter if it were up to me)...remember, they want your gun and have to prove themselves fit to do so. if they see paying a fee to do so is unjust or whatever, then they incriminate themselves in my opinion as being fit.

it would need some sort of federal standard to validate these checks and balances, needs to be strict and across the board. not up for interpretation by the state level to what they can impose/omit.
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