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Default Re: MVP & DPOY 2017 Edition

Originally Posted by knickballer
Alex Smith front runner for MVP right now.

This is gonna be hilarious when he wins it All you ph@gs discrediting him over the years calling him a game manager and saying this and that despite the fact the dude continues to ball out and win. It's the problem in this fantasy age where people think throwing 300+ passing yards is defined as good QB but struggle in other areas.
Hes making more clutch plays than I've ever seen him make in his career this year. He still panics quite a bit under pressure but I have no complaints with his play so far.

It doesn't change that he's constantly outplayed and over matched by other AFC QBs in the playoffs and that will continue this year. Chiefs will win around 12 games again and yet he will lose to the patriots or Steelers because Brady/big Ben are that much better.

If Smith is actually an MVP caliber QB then he has no excuses not to win it all because he has the most help of any QB in the league.

We will see.

Personally I think Hunt is the MVP of the Chiefs and the NFL.

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