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Default Re: Is Michael Jordan the unanimous G.O.A.T on ISH?

Originally Posted by ArbitraryWater

Hard court: Federer leads 10-9
Grass court: Federer leads 2-1
Clay court: Nadal leads 13-2

You literally just pulled a number out of your ass. Who does that?

Before this year, Nadal actually led Federer 9-7 on hard court, the tide was turned in a non-prime stretch for Nadal (2017 February-March).

Additionally, Nadal in his prime contended with a level-aged Djokovic for #1, and injuries which cut into his activity. Federer in his prime contended with Roddick and a 19-21 year-old Nadal for #1, who's bulk of points came from the clay season.

My sincere apologies for miscounting the clay record and subtracting from the total - definitely my bad.

But the 2 major metrics most use are still in Federer's favor - especially the weeks at #1 where Nadal fares poorly compared to other ATGs. If and when he catches up/gets close in GS/weeks at #1, then head to head can be used to decide.

As far as competition, the same could be said about a 36 year old holding the Wimbledon and Australian Open titles while Djokovic/Nadal are age 30/31. Was "a non-prime stretch for Nadal (2017 February-March)" any less non-prime for a 35 year old Federer. And maybe the reason why Federer's contemporaries (who are mostly retired) didn't win much is because Federer won so much at his physical peak. Why use injury as an excuse - it's part of the game.
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