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Default Re: Nets fans: "Thank you Magic for the (assist)" D-Lo > Ball

Originally Posted by ballinhun8
I respect your opinion but don't agree with it at all. He's played against the best competition and didn't move the needle at all

Sure now he'll look better cuz he plays in a historically bad conference but that won't really change my opinion on him unless he somehow leads the Nets to the playoffs.

And no, he's not a better prospect than Ball. 30 out of 30 Game are gonna take Ball over D-Slo if given the choice between the two.
Young guards rarely move the needle. And anyways Russell actually put up some great numbers among 20 year old guards historically last season. He's not some franchise carrying superstar talent, but he's shown plenty of flashes and I don't know how you could watch him tonight and not come away impressed. He's way better than guys like Ingram or Clarkson or Randle but gets so much undeserved shit for off the court stuff/attitude issues and the fact that there was controversy over him being picked at 2 (so many Lakers fans wanted Okafor/Porzingis).

And we'll see on Ball. He's definitely got more trade value right now but he has looked unspectacular through 2 games and it's more than just bad shooting, there's legit limitations there. Russell vs Lonzo purely as talents is way closer than people think.
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