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Default Re: Nets fans: "Thank you Magic for the (assist)" D-Lo > Ball

Originally Posted by Milbuck
Young guards rarely move the needle. And anyways Russell actually put up some great numbers among 20 year old guards historically last season. He's not some franchise carrying superstar talent, but he's shown plenty of flashes and I don't know how you could watch him tonight and not come away impressed. He's way better than guys like Ingram or Clarkson or Randle but gets so much undeserved shit for off the court stuff/attitude issues and the fact that there was controversy over him being picked at 2 (so many Lakers fans wanted Okafor/Porzingis).

And we'll see on Ball. He's definitely got more trade value right now but he has looked unspectacular through 2 games and it's more than just bad shooting, there's legit limitations there. Russell vs Lonzo purely as talents is way closer than people think.

I stopped loving basketball a while ago to care about preseason or even watch it. I haven't watched a preseason game since MJ was on the Wizards. I'll watch summer league just cuz there's no other interesting sports at the time but NBA preseason? No thanks.

Randle is what he is. Not gonna get better. I feel the same about Russ. Clarkson I wouldn't put on that level since he wasn't selected high like those other three. And Ingram, we'll have to wait and see. I thought he was a bad pick too. Any guy built like that I wouldn't waste a lotto pick that high on unless he came out firing like Durant did in college, Ingram wasn't half that kinda guy his lone year at Duke.

Like I said I don't watch preseason so I'm not sure how Ball has looked. All I know is what I saw of him in college and the guy is a true floor general in every sense of the word. A generational talent imho. He changes the culture and dynamic of where he goes. From UCLA to the Lakers. I mean there's a reason there has been sellout crowds and it's not cuz the Lakers have a ton of bandwagon fans. Lonzo is gonna last alot longer in this league than D'Angelo so it's hard for me to try to see where you're coming from when it comes to them being close in talent. At least from what we saw when they were both in college.
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