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Default Re: Least Impactful 20+ Point Scorers

Originally Posted by Gus Hemmingway
Didn't Kobe average 35+ one season and only made the 7th seed and lost in the 1st round?

in Lebron's 30 ppg season his team won just as many games as the 05-06 Lakers but since he played in the garbage EC it was good for a 4th seed to play against a 43-win Washington Wizards that lost Gilbert Arenas for almost all of the season with him playing injured in the series for a total of 94 minutes vs Kobe playing a 54-win Suns team that had the best offense in the league.

and the other year bron averaged his career best 31.4, he again had to face a 42-win Wizards squad to make the 2nd round and lose.

I guess beating the Washington Wizards in the Playoffs is considered an achievement.

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