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Default Re: Hispanics want first world treatment - but want to stay laborers

Fiddy your irrelevant piece of shit country is only synonymous with cheap whores and producing hristov stoichkov who's now a 3rd rate commentator for Mexican Soccer Games . Let that sink in while your miserable life rots inside your collapsing commie block roach cell. Also, those laborers probably make more on a Monday afternoon that you make in 1 month working on whatever fraud scam they outsource to you from the West.

OP is a pathetic asshole who has to lie online about being successful to bring any satisfaction into his life smh...

Don't know from what year those numbers are from since dumbass OP didn't even bother to explain wtf the graph is representing but I'm confident in my people moving forward. People have to realize that most Mexican and Central American immigrants hardly even continued past elementary since they come from an impoverished agriculture background. Hispanic kids are starting to pursue higher education in masses and this can spell a nightmare to the "establishment" who tries to undermine us at every corner. We're a sleeping giant that is waking up and gonna start to run shit in the next 10 to 20 years.
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