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Default Re: MVP & DPOY 2017 Edition

Watching Alex Smith play in Reid's spread offense is refreshing. don't forget this is the offense that smith played in college under Urban Meyer. He's perfect for it as he's very athletic and he doesn't make costly mistakes in the spread offense which many QBs are notorious for doing that offense. Alot of people give credit to the Chiefs running game, and rightfully so, but a big reason they have that success is because Smith is a dual threat QB. Teams can't focus on the running game as Smith can easily pull the ball and run for a nice gain. Ironically, Reid is pulling off an offense that a coach like Chip Kelly dreamed of pulling off in Philly. KC's offense is so fast paced, versatile and efficient. It also doesn't help to have Kelce who is probably the best tight end in the league. He's just an all around threat.

It's just a shame that the landscape of the NFL when he was drafted was so non-reluctant to offenses like the spread offense as they were considered ''gimicky''. Worst of all the niners gave him an NFL head coach who didn't have a clue about offenses in Mike Nolan. The 49ers early on tried to make him this traditional QB which didn't match his skillets. It's a lesson to teams in the NFL. If you're gonna pick a QB first overall make sure you give him an offensive minded coach that can develop him and play to his strengths.

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