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Default Re: Hispanics want first world treatment - but want to stay laborers

Originally Posted by fiddy
Ahead in migrating to the US? you've got the worlds first economic power as your neighbor and Mexico is still barely a second world country. I dont think many people recognize mexico as relevant or successful country in any regard. Btw you did not suffer 45 years of communism, and you are yet lazy and parasitizing. Pathetic and dumb beyond any measurement.

>Mexico a real country
>Speaks and writes in Spanish

Culturally surpassed

Since you seem to be so enthralled with America why don't you go ahead and research some history. The Mexican immigration phenomenon didn't just happen out of nowhere. The US government actively recruited Mexicans from rural areas to come work in the fields. Those people would go back and spread the word about the employment opportunities. It wasn't Mexicans just picking up their things and knocking on the door. Americans lured Mexicans here.

And you bet your ass Mexican culture is way more relevant around the world than Bulgarian. There's fkn Mexican restaurants in Bulgaria ffs! I doubt there's any traces of bulgarian spirit in any country outside your bubble. Unless u want to count street vendors selling potatoes.
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