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Default Re: Hispanics want first world treatment - but want to stay laborers

Originally Posted by BigNBAfan
You can't say your people are head and shoulders above anything when they're fleeing their own country only to be a majority of close 2nd in poverty, crime/imprisonment and lack of education.

And youre talking to fiddy ass if he's a pansy when in fact... call him whatever you would like but he's doing the exact same thing as you - posting on ISH but from a country he has made a living in. Your people on the other hand flock in hoards for handouts and still fail to pull yourself out of poverty, crime etc. that made your 'home' nation what it is today.
Difference is im the incarnation of the American Dream. I came from nothing, literally grew up on the streets of Compton to having pursued higher education and having a career. This mfer is living in a pigeon hole country talking shit from his cage. It boggles my mind that someone can be so invested in a society that is so far removed from theirs and talk shit on top of that like he knows wtf he's talking about e.g. He said Mexican are lazy lmao

Anyway you're a fraud, and in any case if all the BS you share was true then your parents set the foundation for you to shine which is cool but im setting that foundation for my future generations in a much tougher economic climate. So if anything my generation and peers are more successful than you.
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