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Default Re: Hispanics want first world treatment - but want to stay laborers

Originally Posted by Canelo_Griffin
Difference is im the incarnation of the American Dream. I came from nothing, literally grew up on the streets of Compton to having pursued higher education and having a career. This mfer is living in a pigeon hole country talking shit from his cage. It boggles my mind that someone can be so invested in a society that is so far removed from theirs and talk shit on top of that like he knows wtf he's talking about e.g. He said Mexican are lazy lmao

Anyway you're a fraud, and in any case if all the BS you share was true then your parents set the foundation for you to shine which is cool but im setting that foundation for my future generations in a much tougher economic climate. So if anything my generation and peers are more successful than you.

Well that's great that you've become successful, but the same cannot be said about your people - which is who we are talking about. We can cherry pick a single individual of all kinds here, does not mean it's an accurate representation at all. We can only go off of statistics as the one I've posted in the OP or multitude of ones available which show the demise or outcome of 'land of opportunity' and how Hispanics do not take advantage.

I'm a fraud? Now you're taking it personal... I'm a fraud yet, here I am in my own clinic making probably will be close to 1M annually. That said - you don't know shit about me, so to say that you've had challenges which makes you a better person or whatever your point is, is in fact ignorance.

Close to 5M in revenue to be billed this year while taking a modest 5xx,xxx salary. You should prefix your 'success' as 'hispanic success' so that you have a lesser standard for what success is defined as than the rest of the world.

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