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Default Re: Trump Administration won't let Puerto Ricans use food stamps to buy hot food

Originally Posted by UK2K
And most of the population as well, so the math adds up.

Whats your point?

smh, it doesnt

the data encompasses each race by who's enrolled in gov't assisted programs on the whole (any program), however not by which race is enrolled in a program to determine who is actually making use of what.

for instance with medicaid, the most used govt assistance program, the black race enrollment accounted for only 5.6% to the total population of 2012, whereas the white race accounted for 10.5%. much different than the 41% black vs the 13% whites percentages indicated

face value, yea numbers add up - easy to say the end all is there, however when you decipher what's being accounted for is where the actual detail is determined over what race is accounting for more of gov't assistance programs/dollars vs another race

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