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Default Re: Trump Administration won't let Puerto Ricans use food stamps to buy hot food

Originally Posted by UK2K
You went from:


Which, if what you're saying is true:

That means the VAST majority of blacks are on welfare while many whites (at least 11% according to you) are simply using Medicaid and are lumped into that 'welfare' group.

So if blacks aren't using Medicaid (per your own numbers), then by default...

See where I'm going with this?

So, I'll give you a moment to figure out how you are going state your argument (or rather, which argument you are trying to make) and/or refute the facts and then check back in later.

I do, you hold the per capita as a threshold in trying to use the % totals as a notation against their own race, as some form of reasoning they are a detriment on themselves and to society, amiright

Food Stamps:
White: 19,475,000
Black: 17,100,000

expense: $78.4 bil

White: 25,400,000
Black: 13,600,000

expense: $429 billion

by default, huh
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