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Default Re: Trump Administration won't let Puerto Ricans use food stamps to buy hot food

Originally Posted by r15mohd

if the monetary value equated to $1billion with the same population count, this wouldn't even get a second look by govt, etc. - or anyone here, for that matter. however, it all comes down to the expenditure - as it should.

you may not care for it, as it fits your talking point in highlighting the race factor on black to blacks and in per capita vs other races, however all details are needed, the most important of which is who costs what and where they arise from.

i've seen many senate and house discussions over this...same tactics used in population concerns, but when it goes to the level of say a CBO review, the side trying to highlight these same (and I paraphrase) inner-city areas causing the rising population concerns, it then becomes a non-essential notion to be passed.

tricks of the trade

I mean, I was merely pointing out a statement of fact. Lol

I never once brought up any kind of $ value, because I don't care. All I did was point out a fact.

That's all.
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